Hey everyone!

My name is Kairri and as you probably have guessed, I play a shaman in the World of Warcraft video game. I have been a player of the game for almost a year now. Even though I haven’t been around since vanilla release, i do believe I am a fairly decent player. I’ve participated in many ICC raids already. Me also being new allows me to bring a fresh (noobish) point of view on everything, which I hope you will enjoy.

Kairri is a new shaman at only level 15. It is the only class left that I know nothing about really. I have no idea what the best totems are, what weapons Is ideal, or what gems I should even be using. I know really nothing at all. :3 So I want to use this as an advantage and share my experiences with you guys. I usually learn fast.

This blog will consist of journal type entries along with personal reflections of how i feel. I’ll also included the random guide here and there because I am quite the elitist. If you still wanna hear about my adventure in Azeroth then welcome to Kairri the Shaman’s Journal. Thank you very much for reading. :)

  1. Good luck with the new blog looks great so far :)

  2. Welcome to the blogosphere!

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