World PvP Struggles..

Hey everyone, just decided to give you all a quick little update to what I’ve been doing.

Last week you would of found me leveling a certain priest over on a pvp server. I thought everyone liked me! Guess what? I thought wrong.. I had been ganked around 15-20 times for over 4 hours. Hell, I even logged off, ate some food, watched t.v. and played an alt. I came back and they were still there. Not just the four of them. There were about 8-10 of them! Level 80’s ganking a level 70 Disc priest.  It was actually kind of fun. It was like I was the victim of an organized crime. (Does that make me weird? Probably.) They had my body camped and the graveyard! After many attempts to escape I managed flying high up into the sky where no one could see me and got away. I flew off to Warsong hold thinking I’d be safe. Nope. They came in, smashed everything in sight and killed me there. Then they had the graveyard and the Hold surrounded. Literally. I peeked outside and saw Alliance on Bronze drakes flying all around. It was getting a little scary at this point.

So, I changed to a Roleplaying server and rerolled a shammy. And alas! I am playing Kairri now, and I have loved every moment of it so far. She is now level 21 for all of you that care, haha. I haz water shield now so I’m not so oom all the time, which is great. I can’t wait to get more totems! I also finished the whole Draenei starting area and got my “Tabard of the Hand”. It looks pretty sweet.  Then again I like all new clothes.

Hope you guys are having as much fun as me!

P.S. Faction spies suck. Don’t do it.

    • solindvian
    • May 29th, 2010

    I have to say that is one of the funniest stories I’ve heard in WoW. Too bad you joined the other side, eh at least Draenei are sexy :P

  1. I’ve just gotta know what you did to piss off all those alliance, other than simply exist on a pvp server. I’ve never heard of anything so crazy before.

    • They were a bunch o trolls haha. I said something on the server forums and i guess they wanted me dead. :/

  2. hehe gotta love pvp servers :D some nice screenshots there

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