To Game or Not to Game.

Hey everyone!

(Incoming rant.)

I was at work today and sometimes I’m assigned to help out in shipping because I work for a swimming type organization and it gets really busy around the summer time. (Yes, I’m uber fit and stronger than most guys. It comes with being a lifeguard I guess. :P ) So because we are so good at our jobs, we finished filling all the orders and had some time to spare before we got more. We basically started talking about something quite interesting. Since I don’t wanna use any real names, I’ll just call my friend.. Santa Claus.

So Santa Claus had a child recently. He was talking about how scared he was about his kid playing all these new shooting games. He spoke about that one kid who killed his mom because she told him to stop playing xbox and then the other kid who ran away and was found dead when his parents took away his play-station or whatever. Pretty crazy stories. He was telling me that he wasn’t going to buy these shooting games or all these games with blood and violence and I kinda got irritated.

I HATE how the media makes games look bad and scary. It’s not like that at all. As a gamer I know that it’s not always the games fault when these disaster’s happen. There are other reasons involved too. I basically spent the next 15 minutes giving my side of the story. I don’t think the games can be fully blamed at all. It is true that games now a days have graphic scenes, killing, harsh language, and blood. These games are rated M or whatever and you shouldn’t buy them in my opinion if you can’t handle it. There are tons of studies on this subject. Some say these games help people relieve their stress, some say games make people want to live the moment. (I think that’s insane. If i see someone punching someone, I’m not going to join in, haha.)

Now I don’t think games are innocent. A kid won’t shoot his dad if he has never played Call of Duty. In that case, why has a small child seen/touched that game? I think it’s cause people come home from work and just sit in front of the T.V. or let their kids play the games because the don’t want to deal with the family stress.  So I do believe sometimes the family is also partially to blame.

I also think that the person is also to blame. For example, if you are hot tempered, you usually know you are. If that’s the case, stay away from games that are annoying! If you know your addicted try and do something about it! Nothing good can come from not taking care of yourself. Gaming is like many other things. Swimming for example. It’s fun, we do it all the time, yet so many people drown. 2 boys drowned here in Canada over the weekend just now. Drinking is the same. Don’t drink till you die. Get my point?

So Santa Claus gave in and agreed with me at that point. He’s going to let his kid play games, but watch the rating, how much times he spends on it, what his marks are like, etc. He’s going to be aware of what’s going on. At least that’s what he says now. He seems like a really good father though. He is Santa Claus after all. :3

So to end my rant I’ll just say that videos games are not evil. They are and influence but they are not the only one. We only see them in the media so much because they are a new thing to us. So take everything in moderation, take care of yourself, and look out for your loved ones.

Thanks for reading guys,

    • Solindvian
    • June 1st, 2010

    Great writeup, this argument sadly has been perpetuated throughout the entire history of gaming and it’s sad we cant convince non-gamers to understand the truth. Besides, there is a reason games are rated M, T, E ect..if the child isn’t smart enough to not repeat what is seen, simply DON’T BUY THE GAME FOR THE KID.And of course the parent has to watch how much the game is played, but all in all the game itself is harmless. It’s as smart as blaming a gun for killing someone.

    • Delerius
    • June 1st, 2010

    Correct, video games are not evil. Neither is money. Or many other things. But they can be abused, particularly if someone has the wrong attitude toward it in the first place. Almost every single one of these “horror stories” that go around about gamers going violent.. could probably be attributed to bad parenting. I’m sure Santa Claus will be fine. :-)

  1. You know what gets me? Not only is there the myth that gamers are prone to violence because of the games they play, there is also the myth that all gamers are overweight slobs who are addicted to games and never look up from their screens to socially interact with another person.

    I don’t think the general media can have it both ways.

    Either we’re all mindlessly violent. Or we’re all too lazy and inert to get worked up enough to kill someone.

    Or… neither extreme is true and most people who game are normal, average, balanced people who like gaming in their free time. Hmm.

    • “Or… neither extreme is true and most people who game are normal, average, balanced people who like gaming in their free time. Hmm.”

      That’s usually true but of course the media only looks for the extremes like you had mentioned.

    • Angus Khaan
    • June 1st, 2010

    great read, you echo alot of what i wrote in an english paper last semester – DM me on twitter and i’ll email it to you if i can find it.


  1. June 11th, 2010

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