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This site is broken up into two main topics, World of warcraft from a hunters prospective and general gaming. We will be try to discuss any topics that seem of interest in WoW and the gaming community in whole. We hope that whoever does read our blog will enjoy the information. We started this blog as We enjoy writing and gaming. This blog will provide a bit of everything across the gaming community and we hoping that you will find what you are looking for here. The blog was set up and has been running since April 2010.


This blog is ran by two Authors; Fallenangels and Sandchaza. We are a couple who enjoy gaming to its fullest, we play many different kinds of games for the pc, xbox 360, ipod touch and the Ds. Our main focus towards gaming at the moment is a MMO called World of Warcraft which if your reading this I’m sure you know all about. We both started playing WoW back in September 2009  and enjoy all aspects of the game from raiding to questing. We are both on the scryers (us) server. Fallenangels main is a lvl 80 marksman hunter and Sandchaza main is a lvl 80 blood Deathknight so the posts on this blog will concern them most of the time. We play many other games on the Xbox 360 from Role playing to FPS (first person shooter) games so you will find a large variety of games talked about and reviewed here. We will try to keep this blog up to date and as interesting as possible.

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