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The Lazy Sniper

Named so because when I started this blog I was a Hunter in WoW and the lazy part includes a little of me. Basically, I started this blog because I enjoy writing, web design and gaming, particularly fantasy MMORPGs. I wanted to include a few guides to help Hunters improve, however, over time, I have changed the blog a little to include a little bit of everything, class guides, levelling tips, festival help, anecdotes, whatever I feel like writing at the time and the odd guest post from the other half, Ryyu, aka Dan. I’m an altoholic, an achievement whore, and I enjoy collecting things. These days, I’m playing Shadow Priest as my main, so the class focus have switched a little from Hunter to Shadow Priest, but not to worry I still write about the same things more or less.

This blog has been up and running since the 10th August 2009.

The Person

Of course I enjoy gaming, MMOs mostly, RPG kinda games, like Dragon Age, and Guitar Hero. I’m pretty much hooked on House, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Merlin.. Read some manga, watch some anime; Code Geass, Bleach, Elfen Lied, Fairy Tale, Death Note. I love Chinese food, especially all you can eat places, crispy aromatic duck is yummy. Mostly just enjoy the quiet, and creativity, and pet cats. I don’t think I’ll ever be the crazy cat lady purely because you can’t really get attached to that many cats. I have a lot of respect for Terry Pratchett and JRR Tolkien, they’ve done a lot for fantasy, and the books I’ve got around to reading were awesome.

I’ve always enjoyed writing, since I learnt how to, and used the word “suddenly” in one of my stories when I first started school. As a 5 year old, I was quite proud of myself. My main goal in life is to be published, either fictional or non-fictional, poetry or novel. I’d like to be recognised as successful in what I’ve always thought I do best. I’ve been on/off blogging and diary writing for several years and the people who have read my blogs have always said they liked my writing style, so going on a bit of faith I started up a blog about something I’m passionate about: World of Warcraft. The main idea behind ‘The Lazy Sniper’ is to help in some way or another. Giving tips and advice to other players, on certain aspects of the game is something I really enjoy doing. The lazy part is purely that I am a lazy person and enjoy procrastination. I also keep a personal blog, so that I can separate the WoW from the personal and other junk.

In WoW, I play a Blood Elf Shadow Priest called Seithir. I’m a big completionist, and therefore enjoy collecting vanity pets, mounts, and tabards. Also have an achievement addiction. I’m aiming for at least over 9000! I’m not a big theory crafter, but I do like to improve, to see what I did wrong if my DPS was a little low, take heed of any tips to make my character better, so I read as much as I can.

The Gamer

I started off playing World of Warcraft as an undead warlock, this was pre-TBC so there were no blood elves (you may notice my blood elf addiction from my character page). I slowly levelled it, raided a little, ended up hating it, so I tried priest. Originally to be a healer but by the time I got to 70, I had a spot in a guild as a shadow priest and I loved it, also met my current boyfriend in that guild about 2 years ago. Have had a lot of guild related bumps and scrapes, was in a guild called Supreme for most of TBC on my shadow priest. However by the end of the expansion I grew bored, levelled a blood elf hunter, loved it. Rerolled, did some ZA, Hyjal (after everything was hugely nerfed) and I enjoyed it. So I kept at it. Played my priest again from Christmas until early summer when I needed to give up raiding. Played around a bit on a friend’s server, Terenas, levelled a night elf death knight and a draenei hunter. Played my hunter for a couple of months there but missed my friends on my original server so I went back to Fae. Tamed a cat for non-raiding times because I prefer them as pets, however, I do use a wolf pet for raids. I have recently rerolled back to my Shadow Priest, which I plan to play in Cataclysm as my main.

Once in a while I like to try new games. Age of Conan I enjoyed as a Tempest of Set, but my PC couldn’t handle overcrowded areas at all so I gave up. I tried Lord of the Rings Online as a Hunter, I got to I think level 36 and decided to give it a break, go back to WoW, though it wasn’t a bad game, and the community seemed pretty mature which I liked. I also tried Aion as a Spiritmaster which was very awesome, the community didn’t seem as mature as LOTRO, however the game play was kinda fun and there were some good ideas by NCSoft, including the inbuilt map for the bad navigators of us, though a lot of work needs to be done to make it a good game I think. Also enjoy Fable 2 and Guitar Hero, I’m not particularly good at console games, especially Guitar Hero which I still panic on Tool when set to easy mode, and I have a tendency to be easily bored by them, but they can be fun once in a while. Recently got hold of Dragon Age: Origins which is extremely addictive, I hope I get around to finishing this one. Not to mention the Sims, but that’s a once in a blue moon play. It’s nice to chill out on sometimes though.

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