Feign Death isn’t Just a Hunter Move Anymore.

This just in!


Boy uses video game skills to save sister from moose
By QMI Agency

If anyone’s ever told Hans Jorgen Olsen that video games are a waste of time, they’ll have to eat their words.

Olsen, 12, saved his sister from a moose using the knowledge he gained playing World of Warcraft, reports the Norwegian online newspaper Nettavisen.

The pair were walking through the woods in the central Norwegian town of Leksvik when they came face-to-face with an angry moose.

Olsen knew what he had to do, thanks to the countless hours spent playing WOW, a multi-player online role-playing game.

First, he taunted the animal to get it away from his sister. In WOW, players use taunting to get monsters off their less well-armed team members.

Then, when the beast came after him, he played dead.

“When you reach level 30, you learn a trick called the fake death. That’s what I did – I pretended I was dead, and then the moose lost interest,” he said. “It went really well.”

Such win.

To Game or Not to Game.

Hey everyone!

(Incoming rant.)

I was at work today and sometimes I’m assigned to help out in shipping because I work for a swimming type organization and it gets really busy around the summer time. (Yes, I’m uber fit and stronger than most guys. It comes with being a lifeguard I guess. :P ) So because we are so good at our jobs, we finished filling all the orders and had some time to spare before we got more. We basically started talking about something quite interesting. Since I don’t wanna use any real names, I’ll just call my friend.. Santa Claus.

So Santa Claus had a child recently. He was talking about how scared he was about his kid playing all these new shooting games. He spoke about that one kid who killed his mom because she told him to stop playing xbox and then the other kid who ran away and was found dead when his parents took away his play-station or whatever. Pretty crazy stories. He was telling me that he wasn’t going to buy these shooting games or all these games with blood and violence and I kinda got irritated.

I HATE how the media makes games look bad and scary. It’s not like that at all. As a gamer I know that it’s not always the games fault when these disaster’s happen. There are other reasons involved too. I basically spent the next 15 minutes giving my side of the story. I don’t think the games can be fully blamed at all. It is true that games now a days have graphic scenes, killing, harsh language, and blood. These games are rated M or whatever and you shouldn’t buy them in my opinion if you can’t handle it. There are tons of studies on this subject. Some say these games help people relieve their stress, some say games make people want to live the moment. (I think that’s insane. If i see someone punching someone, I’m not going to join in, haha.)

Now I don’t think games are innocent. A kid won’t shoot his dad if he has never played Call of Duty. In that case, why has a small child seen/touched that game? I think it’s cause people come home from work and just sit in front of the T.V. or let their kids play the games because the don’t want to deal with the family stress.  So I do believe sometimes the family is also partially to blame.

I also think that the person is also to blame. For example, if you are hot tempered, you usually know you are. If that’s the case, stay away from games that are annoying! If you know your addicted try and do something about it! Nothing good can come from not taking care of yourself. Gaming is like many other things. Swimming for example. It’s fun, we do it all the time, yet so many people drown. 2 boys drowned here in Canada over the weekend just now. Drinking is the same. Don’t drink till you die. Get my point?

So Santa Claus gave in and agreed with me at that point. He’s going to let his kid play games, but watch the rating, how much times he spends on it, what his marks are like, etc. He’s going to be aware of what’s going on. At least that’s what he says now. He seems like a really good father though. He is Santa Claus after all. :3

So to end my rant I’ll just say that videos games are not evil. They are and influence but they are not the only one. We only see them in the media so much because they are a new thing to us. So take everything in moderation, take care of yourself, and look out for your loved ones.

Thanks for reading guys,

I love my new cute puppy!

Hey Everyone!

I decided to introduce you all to Briana! She’s a sweetheart and I love her very, very much. She’s 1 quarter husky and 3 quarters lab. Shes got a brown stripe of fur on her back and has one blue eye and a brown eye. Right now shes 2 months old. I’ve never had so much fun with any animal before. She jumps on me to wake me up when it’s morning. (Sometimes clawing out my face. ) and sometimes she fail’s and falls off my bed. :P She can already fetch, shake hands, sit, lie down, and play dead! (I started training her right away and it paid off! ) She’s the best! She even rings the little bell thingy I hung on the balcony door so she can tell me she has to go outside to do her business. It’s so cute. :3

The only bad thing is that i think she suffers from separation anxiety. The moment I’m gone or out of sight, she’ll try finding me and if she can’t, she’ll start crying, and start destroying things. So I’m trying to fix that as best I can. I don’t like hearing her cry! D: She can be quite a handful at times, (Tearing stuff up, biting on cords, jumping on me when i get home.) but I asked for all that when i bought her, and is nothing a little training won’t fix.

I love you lots and lots Briana!

Leveling Update! #1

Hey again guys,

I just decided to do posts which talk about my leveling rather than mix them into some other post.

Last night I was playing with my best friend on WoW. We are currently leveling together and she plays a warrior tank. Shes kicks ass! She’s been around since the day the game came out and I’m very greatful that she’s leveling with a noob, annoying gal, like me. Anyways, we finished up that Draenei area and both went off to do our class quests, (where i got my water totem, and she got nothing! Mwhaha.) and then met in Stormwind to decide where to go next. We figured Redridge Mountains would be cool so we headed there.  I’m currently 22 and shes right behind me at 21. I’m secretly better,  but don’t tell her. Then again she does read this. >.>

We didn’t start questing in Red Ridge right away, instead we queued for a Random Dungeon. Figured it would be a nice change of pace. Got into Blackfathom deeps and got partied up with dps who believe they were tanks. And a rogue who liked to pull and stealth using his, “Oh look! I haz 3 ways to stealth! Let me show you all!”. At these levels, you may be able to tank a mob, but it just makes everything harder, and the healer goes wtf mode. Don’t do it! It’s not cool. Other than that we finished pretty easily and I had fun overall. :) I got a tasty 2 hand axe too!Reef Axe! That’ll make leveling enchance a bit easier. Still need a bit more mana before I switch back to elemental.

I also had someone ,off twitter, roll a mage with me, which is pretty cool! Don’t be afraid to come find me guys. I’m really nice and always happy to hang out with people. You can find me on Wrymrest Accord – US. You know my character’s name! I’m only level 22! Catch me while you still can. :3 I think that’s all I have to say for today. Thank you so much for reading my blog. I hope you have as much fun reading it as I have writing it. See ya later!

World PvP Struggles..

Hey everyone, just decided to give you all a quick little update to what I’ve been doing.

Last week you would of found me leveling a certain priest over on a pvp server. I thought everyone liked me! Guess what? I thought wrong.. I had been ganked around 15-20 times for over 4 hours. Hell, I even logged off, ate some food, watched t.v. and played an alt. I came back and they were still there. Not just the four of them. There were about 8-10 of them! Level 80’s ganking a level 70 Disc priest.  It was actually kind of fun. It was like I was the victim of an organized crime. (Does that make me weird? Probably.) They had my body camped and the graveyard! After many attempts to escape I managed flying high up into the sky where no one could see me and got away. I flew off to Warsong hold thinking I’d be safe. Nope. They came in, smashed everything in sight and killed me there. Then they had the graveyard and the Hold surrounded. Literally. I peeked outside and saw Alliance on Bronze drakes flying all around. It was getting a little scary at this point.

So, I changed to a Roleplaying server and rerolled a shammy. And alas! I am playing Kairri now, and I have loved every moment of it so far. She is now level 21 for all of you that care, haha. I haz water shield now so I’m not so oom all the time, which is great. I can’t wait to get more totems! I also finished the whole Draenei starting area and got my “Tabard of the Hand”. It looks pretty sweet.  Then again I like all new clothes.

Hope you guys are having as much fun as me!

P.S. Faction spies suck. Don’t do it.