Leveling Update! #2

Hey everyone!
I think it’s been a week and some days since I’ve told you what I have been up to in Azeroth, so here is another update thingy!

I am currently level 28! Sweet eh? I’m catching up to you all. Be afraid, very afraid. Speaking of afraid me and my friend are leveling together in the bone chilling zone called Duskwood! I think on my last update I was around level 22.. or something like that. We have basically been running through all the quests in that area and leveling up. We have not been using LFG because when we do, we usually get tired and fall asleep. Maybe that is just because we have done these low level dungeons so many times on so many alts. It’s hard to find time to play with each other as it is, so we try to use our time as best we can.

Around level 22 – 25 we were above Duskwood and in the zone called Redridge. It’s not really a zone I’m a fan of. The only thing I like about it, is the town. (I love it’s layout and how it over looks the river. I wouldn’t mind living there myself. It’s so pretty!) Those quests were all fairly easy. We ended up out leveling the zone and that is when we moved down to Duskwood. We only left behind about 3 quests.

When we first hit Duskwood, the quests were hard. Hard as in, not do-able alone. So thank god I could heal and she could tank, haha. They were definitely not designed for us at that level, but we did end of catching up really quick. Maybe we just did the wrong quests. I was leading so I probably went after the red quests cause you know. I’m stupid like that at times T_T. Duskwood is a zone I do enjoy lots. Werewolves, zombies, and ghosts. A girls dream! :P I have always been interested in paranormal stuff, not addicted or anything but my ears will peak if I hear something about the topic. We are currently just finishing the quests in there and will probably go somewhere else tonight! Hooray for change!

In regards to my spec, I finally have my Mana Spring Totem and my Water Shield. So, mana isn’t really a problem. I switched back to elemental from enhancement last night. I felt a change almost right away. In enhancement I had gotten use to just pressing one button every 6 seconds. In elemental I’m always pressing buttons. I also feel like i do more AoE damage in elemental so it is great for when she is tanking multiple mobs. (It’s funny because I’m evil and pull all the mobs for her. >:3) My gear is all screwed up though. I have all strength gear and I need intellect etc, so I’m working on that. Don’t have enough money to buy greens at the auction house because this is a new server for me… So if you wanna donate to that cause, by all means, feel free to! (Not really.)

That’s my life in Azeroth at the moment. I just wasted 10 minutes of your life! I win! (I’m joking, please don’t hate me and never come back to my blog! :3) Thanks for reading!

    • Delerius
    • June 4th, 2010

    It looks like you have shaman and.. paladin? Try 2-manning instances. It might not work out but it should be a blast anyway :)

    On my baby shammy I went with a hunter through Ragefire Chasm, loads of fun. You might want to try it out!

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