I’m going to make this a shaman blog only. I will probably never post here unless it is shaman related. I don’t think I have posted anything shaman related here at all. I will be making a new blog that is not locked down to a shamanistic topic where i can write and write and not feel guilty because that is how I feel now unfortunately.

I may make the odd posts here and there when I actually do play my shaman but for now it’s on hibernate mode.

I’ll be transferring all my old non shaman related posts over to the new blog so don’t worry, and I’ll let you guys know what the link is when it’s all good to go.

*Link is good to go.*

Fyi twitter name has been changed to @FallenEnvyy.

Pre Cataclysm Blitz

Hey guys!

Due to something in real life I had assumed I would be going WoW-less for quite some time. I was afraid I would only be back after cataclysm. Everything in regards to this matter has been solved and I’m really happy that I am still able to play wow with all you guys.

From this experience I kind of realized that there are things I want to do and can only do before cataclysm comes out. So I’m making a little post to help reinforce my goals and so that you guys yell and scream at me if I start to give up. :3

1. I want loremaster

I have always been impressed by that title. It’s such an acheivement. Every single quest in the game. It makes you seem pro. Apparently this will be gone in cataclysm so I’m making it my highest priority. I shall be getting it on my priest because priest + loremaster is smex.

2. Kill that frozen dude

I want the lich king dead. I know i have the skill so I just need to put in the time and dedication. Again this will most likely happen on my priest because getting my level 30 shaman geared and leveled is very unlikely before cataclysm.

Out of these two goals, number one takes priority. I don’t know exactly how long loremaster will take but I know I may not have enough time to finish off lich king. If that’s the case then that sucks, but he’ll always be in game and I can go whoop his butt later. Loremaster on the other hand will be gone, and It will be rare. I want it. Badly. :p

For loremaster I’ll probaly be using a few addons and just start in Kalimdor. I’ve heard it was the hardest so I’ll get that out of the way first while I have an abnormal amount of focus.

But yea, I can wait to get started on it. Preist is 76. Few more days and the loremaster mission begins.

P.s. Woot! For first succesfull iPod post. :3

Now You See Me, Now You Don’t.

Hey Everyone!

I’ve been really quiet and busy the last week with work, but fear not! I am back! .. for today, you know. Life. (On that note, i may not write a blog post everyday but I do use Twitter a lot. Find me there at @Kairri_ . In post advertising is so in fashion, all the cool kids are doing it.) I’ve been dead tired coming home, and just been doing whatever I wanted. I didn’t feel like writing a post, and frankly it’s not necessary for me to do so every week. (Not that I mean to say, screw you all, i win or anything.) If I make it a necessity it becomes “work” and not pleasure and I realized how this happened in game too.

So where the hell am I going with this? Lately I’ve been feeling like I’ve been missing out on Lich King kills. That King slayer title is popping up more and more and guilds are learning the mechanics and with the 20% buff. It’s just becoming more obtainable. I’ve been saying to myself, “I should be there already.” I’ll let you guys in on a little secret. I once led a guild, in fact we were in the top 10 on our server. When i first put the group together, it was fun. We were in having fun in Ulduar pretty much. The guild existed for a good 3 months and every week we raided twice a week. You know everyone would be in guild chat and say, “Okay guys, after school we down Agalon!” That was awesome, the excitement, the feeling. Was awesome. Sadly it turned out different after a while. I basically had to beg people to come and raid. They would finally come but not after me hearing there annoying garbage to be honest. “Aww, is it raid night today?” , “I’m only doing this cause of you.” To them raiding became a job. At that point you need to step back and find out what’s going wrong.

Your not having fun anymore. So I decided to vanish and start over.

The good thing about WoW for me is the anonymity of the game involved. I was able to step down as guild leader and wish them well. I rerolled multiple times, and I was just another noob walking around in greens and blues. My past was literally erased and I was able to focus on the present and having fun. I’ve rerolled multiple times now and am currently on Kairri. I’m having a lot of fun now. Leveling, learning about the lore, revisiting old instances. I even made a ton of friends along the way!

The best part of it all I think, is that I have no responsibilities. I have the ability to log on right now and truly do what the hell I want. I believe that’s a big misconception amongst most. That us gamers get to go to a world where we can do whatever and while that is true for many, about half the gamers find themselves having responsibilities in game that they must attend to first before they can do what they want. Now I’m not saying that having responsibilities suck. Life comes with them, but because of the internet anonymity, I was able to restart and select my responsibilities as they come and surround myself with people who can also handle having them.

This “reset” button can be a double edged sword sometimes though. I believe that what I did was right. I dropped the guild after explaining and handed guild over to the person I trust the most to lead them into success. I know that this doesn’t happen most of the time though. People will decide they had enough and just quit, re roll, stop playing, reset. Like walking away from a job/school. Except in real life there is no reset button. Just because we have that in game does not mean you can go drop people like dirt. Behind the avatar is a real person and everyone should realize that. When the time for me comes to tackle the Lich King I know now that the people I get in my core will need to be dedicated. Burn out is bound to happen, but that’s when we will rely on our other guild mates to help us out. After all, that’s what a good guild does.

After talking to all these people, from different servers, on blog, listening to podcasts, twitter I’ve learned that my game is not everyone else’s game. In fact it changes drastically from person to person. So, some people may agree with me on this rant. That raids can be turned into work if not paced/handled properly. Some will say I’m crazy and a game is a game, but oh well. This is only my opinion.

For now, I’ve hit the “poof” button and am living life one level at a time. See you around!

Kairri’s Leveling UI!

Hey guys!

So after about a day of working on this, it’s finally done! My awesome, cute, functional UI! Just what every girl wants. :D It is not a level 80 UI. It can be, but it is not setup to be one at the moment. You’ll be missing out in raids. If you’d like to use it on your awesome level 80’s then just bring a brain and do some easy tweaking. Everything you need is in there.

It’s pretty much just a nice fancy UI that also has some nice tools. You’ve got your dps meter,  your cooldown bar, Grid, your Totem Bar (Which can be disabled..actually everything can.), and your power auras. To tell you the truth, I like it cause it looks awesome! :3 It also make some nice pew pew sounds to let you know stuff is happening.

You can download the UI Here.

*Any class can use this UI, but it is set to a 1280×800 res. So you will probably have to re size the frames to get it to look like mine if your resolution differs greatly. Also, the UI scale is set to the LOWEST it can go. You can find that in the Video options of wow.

Don’t bother trying to set this up if you haz no computer smarts. It’ll be challenging and hard. T_T

Setup instructions.
1. For the love of all that is cute. BACK UP YOUR FOLDERS BEFORE YOU DO THIS. T_T Your interface folder and your WTF folder more specifically.
2. Once you are sure your ass is covered, download the UI.
3. Extract it somewhere you can find. :)
4. Go into your World of Warcraft directory and delete your WTF (what the f***?) and Interface folder. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THEM BACKUP-ED/COPIED FIRST!
5. Now copy over the new WTF and Interface folders that you downloaded.
6. Go into the WTF folder and rename the folders to your appropriate account name/server name/Character name.
7. Tada your done! (Kinda)

8. Start up the game, and pop the UI resolution in game to the lowest it can go.
9. Open up chat and enter this command. /reflux switch UltimateShamanUIenh
10. Your UI should reload. and there you have it, tada! If it’s still messed up, you’ll need to resize stuff. Good luck.

If you haz any questions just drop a comment and I’ll get back to you asap.

Good Luck!

Leveling Update! #2

Hey everyone!
I think it’s been a week and some days since I’ve told you what I have been up to in Azeroth, so here is another update thingy!

I am currently level 28! Sweet eh? I’m catching up to you all. Be afraid, very afraid. Speaking of afraid me and my friend are leveling together in the bone chilling zone called Duskwood! I think on my last update I was around level 22.. or something like that. We have basically been running through all the quests in that area and leveling up. We have not been using LFG because when we do, we usually get tired and fall asleep. Maybe that is just because we have done these low level dungeons so many times on so many alts. It’s hard to find time to play with each other as it is, so we try to use our time as best we can.

Around level 22 – 25 we were above Duskwood and in the zone called Redridge. It’s not really a zone I’m a fan of. The only thing I like about it, is the town. (I love it’s layout and how it over looks the river. I wouldn’t mind living there myself. It’s so pretty!) Those quests were all fairly easy. We ended up out leveling the zone and that is when we moved down to Duskwood. We only left behind about 3 quests.

When we first hit Duskwood, the quests were hard. Hard as in, not do-able alone. So thank god I could heal and she could tank, haha. They were definitely not designed for us at that level, but we did end of catching up really quick. Maybe we just did the wrong quests. I was leading so I probably went after the red quests cause you know. I’m stupid like that at times T_T. Duskwood is a zone I do enjoy lots. Werewolves, zombies, and ghosts. A girls dream! :P I have always been interested in paranormal stuff, not addicted or anything but my ears will peak if I hear something about the topic. We are currently just finishing the quests in there and will probably go somewhere else tonight! Hooray for change!

In regards to my spec, I finally have my Mana Spring Totem and my Water Shield. So, mana isn’t really a problem. I switched back to elemental from enhancement last night. I felt a change almost right away. In enhancement I had gotten use to just pressing one button every 6 seconds. In elemental I’m always pressing buttons. I also feel like i do more AoE damage in elemental so it is great for when she is tanking multiple mobs. (It’s funny because I’m evil and pull all the mobs for her. >:3) My gear is all screwed up though. I have all strength gear and I need intellect etc, so I’m working on that. Don’t have enough money to buy greens at the auction house because this is a new server for me… So if you wanna donate to that cause, by all means, feel free to! (Not really.)

That’s my life in Azeroth at the moment. I just wasted 10 minutes of your life! I win! (I’m joking, please don’t hate me and never come back to my blog! :3) Thanks for reading!