Kairri’s Leveling UI!

Hey guys!

So after about a day of working on this, it’s finally done! My awesome, cute, functional UI! Just what every girl wants. :D It is not a level 80 UI. It can be, but it is not setup to be one at the moment. You’ll be missing out in raids. If you’d like to use it on your awesome level 80’s then just bring a brain and do some easy tweaking. Everything you need is in there.

It’s pretty much just a nice fancy UI that also has some nice tools. You’ve got your dps meter,  your cooldown bar, Grid, your Totem Bar (Which can be disabled..actually everything can.), and your power auras. To tell you the truth, I like it cause it looks awesome! :3 It also make some nice pew pew sounds to let you know stuff is happening.

You can download the UI Here.

*Any class can use this UI, but it is set to a 1280×800 res. So you will probably have to re size the frames to get it to look like mine if your resolution differs greatly. Also, the UI scale is set to the LOWEST it can go. You can find that in the Video options of wow.

Don’t bother trying to set this up if you haz no computer smarts. It’ll be challenging and hard. T_T

Setup instructions.
1. For the love of all that is cute. BACK UP YOUR FOLDERS BEFORE YOU DO THIS. T_T Your interface folder and your WTF folder more specifically.
2. Once you are sure your ass is covered, download the UI.
3. Extract it somewhere you can find. :)
4. Go into your World of Warcraft directory and delete your WTF (what the f***?) and Interface folder. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THEM BACKUP-ED/COPIED FIRST!
5. Now copy over the new WTF and Interface folders that you downloaded.
6. Go into the WTF folder and rename the folders to your appropriate account name/server name/Character name.
7. Tada your done! (Kinda)

8. Start up the game, and pop the UI resolution in game to the lowest it can go.
9. Open up chat and enter this command. /reflux switch UltimateShamanUIenh
10. Your UI should reload. and there you have it, tada! If it’s still messed up, you’ll need to resize stuff. Good luck.

If you haz any questions just drop a comment and I’ll get back to you asap.

Good Luck!

  1. Additional Notes.
    After you have resized everything and are good to go.. You may want to turn off some of the power auras.

    Type – /powa and disable everything that does not apply to you.

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