Pre Cataclysm Blitz

Hey guys!

Due to something in real life I had assumed I would be going WoW-less for quite some time. I was afraid I would only be back after cataclysm. Everything in regards to this matter has been solved and I’m really happy that I am still able to play wow with all you guys.

From this experience I kind of realized that there are things I want to do and can only do before cataclysm comes out. So I’m making a little post to help reinforce my goals and so that you guys yell and scream at me if I start to give up. :3

1. I want loremaster

I have always been impressed by that title. It’s such an acheivement. Every single quest in the game. It makes you seem pro. Apparently this will be gone in cataclysm so I’m making it my highest priority. I shall be getting it on my priest because priest + loremaster is smex.

2. Kill that frozen dude

I want the lich king dead. I know i have the skill so I just need to put in the time and dedication. Again this will most likely happen on my priest because getting my level 30 shaman geared and leveled is very unlikely before cataclysm.

Out of these two goals, number one takes priority. I don’t know exactly how long loremaster will take but I know I may not have enough time to finish off lich king. If that’s the case then that sucks, but he’ll always be in game and I can go whoop his butt later. Loremaster on the other hand will be gone, and It will be rare. I want it. Badly. :p

For loremaster I’ll probaly be using a few addons and just start in Kalimdor. I’ve heard it was the hardest so I’ll get that out of the way first while I have an abnormal amount of focus.

But yea, I can wait to get started on it. Preist is 76. Few more days and the loremaster mission begins.

P.s. Woot! For first succesfull iPod post. :3

  1. Glad you’re still with us.

    Loremaster will still be available after CATA. It’ll just be a different set of quests. My guess is that as of CATA we’ll be able to break it down by zone in Azeroth proper, like we can in Northrend now, but that’s just a guess.

  2. Good luck with your goals!

  3. Good luck, I’m going for loremaster too :D

  4. Hooray for not going away!

    Good luck with your goals too… I can only bring myself to get the Explorer title, Loremaster just sounds like WAY too much hard work ;)

  5. I am working on the World Explorer achievement myself. Good luck on Loremaster!

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