I’m going to make this a shaman blog only. I will probably never post here unless it is shaman related. I don’t think I have posted anything shaman related here at all. I will be making a new blog that is not locked down to a shamanistic topic where i can write and write and not feel guilty because that is how I feel now unfortunately.

I may make the odd posts here and there when I actually do play my shaman but for now it’s on hibernate mode.

I’ll be transferring all my old non shaman related posts over to the new blog so don’t worry, and I’ll let you guys know what the link is when it’s all good to go.

*Link is good to go.*

Fyi twitter name has been changed to @FallenEnvyy.

  1. Hey Kairri, I’ve added your other blog to my blogroll now :) Good luck with running both blogs. Sounds like a cool idea.

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